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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Watchmen

This guy is a powerhouse of ideas.

I know he looks more wasted than anything else, but trust me, he is one of the most super creative intellectuals in this century. Ok, maybe don't look at his picture.

What Isaac Asimov did for science fiction, Alan Moore did it for the world of superheroes.

He's the guy behind the reinvention of The Swamp Thing, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta & now... The Watchmen!

During the days of my comicbook collection, I was one of his sucker fans, which meant that I'd buy whatever he wrote. If they were just scribbles on a napkin, I'd buy that too.

This is my supreme Watchmen collection, in perfect mint condition babe.

For those not familar with this nerd activity, a comicbook in mint condition means that it is in a perfectly new state, with no folds or tears etc. It would be as if you'd just picked it up from the bookshop.

A comicbook in mint condition is worth a lot more in resale value. It's like a vintage car. If you've kept it in good condition, you can sell it off later at a higher value. So you might say that collecting comic books is like an investment.

The Watchmen might not look so cool, uhm, the owl guy actually looks stupid, the guy in red mask so passe Captain America, & the blonde guy so gay, but Alan Moore's storytelling packs a KAPOW punch.
Because of that, The Watchmen limited series has been one of the best comicbooks that I've ever read & owned, but... but... but... I am not worthy!

And now, since it will be coming out as a movie, I revisited my collection once again. I'm actually quite worried about the movie adaptation. I'd be worried about whether the movie will do justice to the original comicbook version.

But more than that, I'm just curious how the movie will portray Dr. Manhattan cos in the comicook, he walks around naked with his ding dong exposed.

He does that quite often, especially when there's women around him. But when he's surrounded by other macho men superheroes, he zips it up quite appropriately.

I guess he's pretty selective & careful about who hangs around him, especially when that blonde guy appears.

Anyway, so far, fingers crossed, the movie version of the superheroes look pretty cool.


Silk Spectre with Sunsilk hair.

The Comedian

The Nite Owl. Obviously.

The suspectedly gay Ozymandias.
He strikes fear in the pants of Dr Manhattan.

The Zohan. Oops, that's from another movie.

Here's the trailer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Ultimate Hobby

Ok. I admit it. I was a nerd when growing up. I didn't like sports, & I was into stamp collecting which was the ultimate nerd activity. Then, at about age 13, I found enlightenment. I discovered comics & advanced deeper into the world of nerdom.

Comics now is not what it used to be. Back then, storylines were very simple.

It was usually about a power-crazed megalomaniac who wants to rule the world with a secret weapon of mass destruction. In the real world today, a super villain like that would be called a terrorist.Of course in those days, they had the tendency of just destroying people's houses just for amusement. And the villagers were more amused by the weapon of mass destruction, rather than fear for their safety.

And also in those days, superheroes usually say the quirkiest things like 'Holy Macaroni', Holy Cow' or 'Holy Molly'.
And then as the story unfolds, the superhero with great super powers will face the villains.

I think Bruce Lee must have been a fan of this Miraclekid comicbook. The similarity between their yellow tracksuits is obvious enough.

And together with Miracleman senior, these superheroes practically pulverised the supervillains without any effort at all. In fact, they were so relaxed at punching the goons out that they could do it while small talking & complimenting each other.

Hey, if you were to punch people everyday, you'd soon be able to do it while eating instant noodles, doing the morning business & reading the morning paper too, all at the same time.

And that was the end of the story. It was simple. There weren't any complex relationships, psychological turmoil, depression, angst, etc that our superheroes today experience.

How to save the world like dat?