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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chinotto: The Best Drink in the Whole Wide World

People, you have got to try this wherever you can get it. I don't know if you can find it in Malaysia or in other parts of Asia, but if you do, get it!
It's called Chinotto (pronounced as Kinot-to) & it tastes like a mild Coke with bitter lemon. It's extremely refreshing on a hot day here in Melbourne.

It's bottled at San Pellegrino in Italy. So since it's imported, it costs a bit more like AUD4.00 per bottle but if you can find it, you have just got to give it a try.
I've never recommended any drink before, & this is not a paid ad. It wins Coke & Pepsi hands down cos it doesn't have that icky aftertaste.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Malaysia in Melbourne

I was scrounging around for food in Melbourne & my eyes caught this restaurant called Little Malaysia.

Just look at the picture. It is just so wrong.

I mean that's not how a Malaysian look like. Malaysians are basically made up of a group of diverse cultures.

For example, this is Malaysian. An Indian Malaysian.

This is definitely Malaysian. A Malay Malaysian.

And finally, this is also Malaysian. A Chinese Malaysian.

But, but, but, this??!!!

Helloooooo???!!! This is Vietnam!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ah Beng in Melbourne

Hey guys, just in case you're wondering, I'm not back in town yet. Am in Melbourne for an 8-day working trip.

I had breakfast with Dr Mahathir this morning. Well, sort of.

Was scouring the TV to see what's on Australian broadcast but didn't find anything interesting, as expected.

I mean Australia is not known as the land of hot TV programmes. Although many years ago, we had The Sullivans on Malaysian TV.

& also something like Water Rats

& now McLeod's Daughters on Astro.

Even so, I doubt that anyone's even watching any of them. I seriously doubt that Malaysians would ever watch anything made outside of America. The only exception is anything associated with Mr Bean & Hong Kong TVB series.

Well, anyway, like I said, there wasn't anything much on. There was the morning talk show.

Australian man talking on Australian morning talk show talking
about Australian issues on Australian TV in Melbourne, Australia

The usual Melbourne weather report for the week.

Australian financial report.

Current affairs with Robert De Niro lookalike.

Russian news on Australian TV with Russian Ivana/Ivanka-Trump-lookalike newscaster

And just when you begin to think that it's boring, everything started rolling downhill from then on.

Out-of-date obscure Australian/American? 90s music videos with unknown songs.

And then it hit rock bottom. Community TV with low-grade Arab/Israeli/Greek like documentary on the middle east.

Although Cleopata turned up looking like Pamela Anderson on Baywatch, it didn't help much in boosting audience interest.

After that round, anything else became better. There was one more Australian morning talk show...
...which featured strange news from the US, strangely.

I hope the Malaysian authorities don't see this. We don't need anymore great ideas.

And of course Australian pay-TV programs with Australian hosts with those strong-jawed-clenched-teeth Australian way of talking...

...selling Australian products, I think.

But to be fair, there was also a channel on Video Games & Australian X-treme sports like surfing.
Just look at the guy in sunglasses. He looks so happy talking to the half-naked sufer slacker. He must be gay.