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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Collage: A Selection of Student Work

For a lot of people working in the academic line, the end of the year would always be something that they look forward to. It's the time when the semester reaches it's end, & the campus turns peaceful & quite again. It'd be the only time when you feel like going to work every morning.

It's also a time when you start seeing the results from all your hard work & your students' as well, of course. I've got quite a few interesting artwork to show, including video. Bear with me, & I'll try to post them up slowly over the coming week.
These are collage artwork done by the Foundation in Design students. Bear in mind that these kids had no prior training in art WHATSOEVER. They never took art lessons before & so I thought for that kind of standard, they did pretty well.

This one seemed to say Beware of High Maintenance Women! - something that I failed to remember.

This guy went overboard. Everything was popping out like crazy but it looked cool. I liked it.

When I first saw this, I went WOW! What an idea!

Align Center

I think I gave it a very good grade.

But looking back at it now, I keep wondering what those words mean.

I hope they're not saying something like 'My Art Teacher is Stupid desu.'

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Art of Street Grafitti

I think it'd be very difficult to understand grafitti as an artform for Malaysians. I mean we're talking about a country where the only grafitti in existence are the ones that goes like this:

1) For Gay sexy time call XXX-XXXXXXX
2) The Hokkien collection of profanities: CB, LC, LP, TL
3) The Western collection of equivalent profanities: F.U.
4) The Malay/Sarawakian Malay set of equally offensive profanities: P*K*M*k
5) The visually stunning & artistic expressions of pornographic artwork behind the toilet doors

I hope you are beginning to see my point here. How can those ever be art? And you're right.

But I was pretty much surprised that even though you can find street grafitti almost everywhere in Melbourne, they're basically limited to incomprehensible words which have nothing to do with profanities.

I basically shot all these from my train rides from Flinders Station to Prahran, or maybe it was Glenferrie.
I also realised something else.

I was at Swinburne Prahran & so I checked out their toilets.

I realised that their toilet grafitti was of superior standard than most that I've seen before.

Well, it was quite obvious, with Swinburne Prahran being one of the best design schools in Australia, you'd tend to have better quality grafitti, no mater how profane & obscene they'd be.

So I asked one of the Swinburne Prahran lecturer, 'Do you know where the best toilet grafitti is?

He was stunned & looked at me like I was a hilly-billy who just came down from the mountain, or in my case, a long lost, just-recently-discovered, Borneo tribe who just climbed down from a tree in the rainforest.

And so I said, 'The best toilet grafitti has got to be from a design school!' That is so right-in-your-face obvious.

And of course I didn't take any pictures of the toilet grafitti, for fear of being reprimanded by Malaysian Customs for carrying pornographic materials back into the country.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Post-Melbourne Effect

Sorry for not posting for a while. Eversince I got back from Melbourne, it has been hectic.

I'm still the same old Ah Beng, but after all that obscene binging, I now look like I'm six months pregnant. you can read more about my adventures in Melbourne here.

Melbourne is 3 hours ahead, & although I'm back in Kuching, my body is still stuck in that time zone. But hey, I'm enjoying it - sleeping at 9.30pm & waking up at 5.30am. I'm just loving it!