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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ah Beng's New Year Resolution

Another year has passed, another year older. This is scary man. I was looking at the calendar & there's only 5 days left. I seriously don't think that I can squeeze in the rest of the left-over unresolved resolutions of this year into that narrow gap before 2009.

So, I guess it's that time of the year once again, to make another new set of exciting resolutions (or recycle old ones) for the incoming year.

Definitely, not.

But I guess you'd know me better than that. My actual resolutions for next year do not really involve anything off the perimeters of my bookshelf. My resolutions for 2009 would look more like one that belongs to a stamp collector :

NO. 1: To finish off as many books as I can, as fast as I'm buying them, & clear my shelves. To do this, I have resolved to read in the toilet, in the car while waiting, while my laptop boots up, on the plane, & any chance that I get.

NO. 2: To buy, collect & watch more non-mainstream local, European & Asian movies. My collection at the moment is pitiful. Watch out Da-Huang! Here I come!

NO: 3: To explore anime again. You can tell from my old VHS collection that I am dangerously close to falling into the uncle category.

NO. 4: To pick up photography as a hobby once again. I left photography 15 years ago although I still have my old Canon EOS & it's still working. Recent circumstances have allowed me to buy a new DSLR (cos I forgot to bring my Nikon Coolpix to KL & Australia).

NO. 5: To start collecting comics again. I'll be hunting for anything by Frank Miller & Alan Moore.

NO. 6: To start keeping up with the Japanese & Korean music scene. I am dying for a Yuna Ito CD. And those soppy romantic Korean songs.

NO. 7: To learn French & Korean. I bought a set of French for Dummies CDs & I've been practising in the car.

NO. 8: To stay healthy, keep fit, eat well, sleep well. To run at the very least, once a week, if twice is not possible.

NO. 9: To keep on travelling. Possible destinations for next year to include Melbourne, Sydney, Vietnam & maybe Beijing.

NO. 10: To organise & backup all my digital files which are in a big mess now & are all over the place.

The bottomline is for me to get myself really organised & disciplined so that I can enjoy the best of my health & regain my enjoyment & zest in life & what it has to offer.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Greetings! UPDATED

Hey All! Sorry for the long silence. I was caught up in the vortex of the mad Christmas rush & the endless family dinners & lunches. The dust has not settled yet as I've still got one more family gathering to attend tonite. However, you can check my other blog to see what I've been up to.

If you're wondering, yes, I do have the Christmas tree & the festive-appropriate decors all set up & about. I just thought that since all Christmas trees & decors look more or less alike in every house, I wouldn't need to post the pictures here.

However, this little bugger is different. When I first got it as a present, I thought that it was a crib with baby Jesus & the Three Wise Men.

But when I looked at it more closely, I realised that I was wrong. The Three Wise Men were replaced by the three watercolour tubes, & baby Jesus was replaced by three wires modelled to look like paint brushes!

This is really twisted man!

But of course this wasn't supposed to be a crib. It's actually a Christmas gift from a fellow friend who spent 12 hours labouring on this piece of artwork, sticking together all kinds of recycled wooden utensils known to man - clothes pegs, chopstick, toothpicks & ice-cream sticks.

And just when you think that it's a little sissy piece of work for girls, there's more. When you slam in 2 AA batteries at the back, it'll light up! Now, that's real POWER man.

I just hope that the recycled materials were not really USED. I hope that he didn't use those toothpicks before. And I also hope that nobody stuck those ice-cream sticks up somewhere before.

Holding that thought, I would like to wish all readers a very Merry Christmas & hope that you will have a great holiday before the year is over!