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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Chinese New Year Countdown 2009

It's now 3pm. The house is sparkling clean. The car porch is washed. So is the car. I took all the rubber mats out to wash & vacuumed the interior of the car like crazy. And now every single bit of dust that has collected there for the past 4 years is gone. Yes, it's been 4 years since I vacuumed my car. And yes, I am ashamed of that but not entirely too shameful to post about it. Just imagine how much dust there was. In 4 years, you'd have communities of dust. In fact they would have built cities & civilisations. And I just sucked them right off the face of the floor.

So now I'm sitting here in my living room. Everything's done. Well, not entirely done. My wife has yet to drive home the other car.

As I wait for her return, I am quietly reflecting on the Chinese New Year preps this year. It's surely a lot quieter than previous years'. Less people are spending. Businesses are quieter & therefore the city centre is empty by 8pm. If you're there at that time, you'd be able to hear crickets chirping & frogs croaking.

One other funny thing has been happening a lot at the Recycle Drop Centres around Kuching. I don't know if it happens where you're at, but it's a strange phenomenon. I used to find it very inconvenient to bring trash to those centres cos the holes were always too small for me to slot anything in.

I brought a whole bunch of trash there the other day, mostly old computer parts, clothes & old books. When I got there, there were people coming up to you offering assistance to carry the stuff out of your car. Waisay. Like 4-star hotel porter! I thought that was a cool service until I realised that those people were scavengers who waited at the centre.

There was this guy with his wife & two little girls. Each time a car stopped by, their eyes glimmered with excitement at the prospect of finding something valuable. I doubt they'd find my throwaway books helpful. Titles like How to Think Like a Milionnaire, Financial Freedom & Awakening the Giant Within used to be relevant but not anymore in this entirely new financial crisis. Times are hard.

I went back the second time with another round of trash on a different day. Things got worse. The number of scavengers had increased & this time they included squeeky, giggling teenage girls. And they did a 100-metre dash towards you when they see you opening the car boot. It was a bit surreal. Times are really hard.

I keep reminding myself. This is the year of the ox. Time to get real & work harder than I've ever had before. I've also been procastinating about my posts for a long time now. Been trying to decide the direction of this blog & how to manage a consistency in posting while juggling all my other major commitments. Blogging sucks up a major chunk of my time & I've been finding it impossible to manage that since last year, which is why I have decided to put this blog on hold for the time being. There is no telling when I'll be back again, or if I'd start a new blog altogether.
Thank you for reading & Happy Chinese New Year!

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