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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Was a Milo Boy

I had 3 volcanic erruptions on my forehead yesterday.

It's one of those zits that shoot out onto the mirror once you squeeze them.

Strangely enough, popping zits is a bit addictive. It's like squeezing those air bubbled plastic sheets. You can get a certain high from it.

Well, I've been taking too much chocolate as of late, which explains the zits. I found this econo pack on the shelve at H&L the other day when I was looking for some breakfast cereal. And since it was a Milo product, I just grabbed it without thinking twice.

Milo, Milo, anda jadi sihat & kuat!
Look! If you eat enough of it, you can become a footballer & do flying kicks.

Almost every Malaysian kid grew up on Milo. I remember my dad used to wake up every morning at 6am to make me & my brother a glass before we leave for school on the yellow orange school bus. That was every single morning. Including Sundays. It was like 24-7 & 365 days a year. I must have been so full of Milo & sihat dan kuat.

And now, Milo has another new product. Judging from the picture on the cover, I think it's probably for butterfly stroke swimmers.

Well, between me & my wife, we finished the whole container in just 3 nights. Yes, it was that good & this is not even an advert. I would have eaten the plastic box if my wife didn't stop me.


Abdullah said...


We're all products of that beloved malty chocolate drink...

and EWWWWW GROSS on your volcanoes!

Greg Wee said...

It's strange. It seems to be moving down from my forehead, to my temple, above the lips & now on my chin.