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Friday, January 16, 2009

Monster in My Pants?!

I get about 10-20 spam mails a day & that's irritating but my Microsoft Outlook probably blocks out more than that.

These spam mails are getting more incessant & creative by the day. It's making my Outlook working overtime to block them. The problem is, you can't filter out every single one of them. I've set my filter to the highest security level but those things still manage to squeeze through somehow.

There are the usual ones disguised as Greeting Cards. I'm sure you must have gotten them too, on a daily basis. When I first got them, I thought Wow. I must have a lot of friends. I can feel their love.

There were others. Suddenly I found myself winning millions of dollars in international lotteries that I didn't take part in. African lawyers wrote me letters seeking monetary assistance to gain access to inheritance worth millions of dollars & long lost strangers claimed to be my friends.

But by far, none of those spams could match these in terms of creative writing.

Monster in your pants is just superior literacy.


Ashley Two Fish said...

yeah, superior literacy alright. this week i got handwritten notes on business proposal, something about NASA rocket. superior..... heh heh

Abdullah said...

If half of the junk mail that I get were true, I'd already be Billionaire!!! Btw, u think there are suckers who fall for that lottery and african lawyer crap?

Man, what suckers...