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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Short Post

Since the rain stopped for a bit today, I quickly stole half an hour to run. Am glad to report that I have finally regained my stamina back to the level before something like a couple of years ago. Did 3.2km non-stop. Did a moderate first round which took me 8 minutes & slowed down to a careful 2nd round at 9 minutes. Will need to work on leg muscles. Otherwise I look like a chicken with skinny legs running wild.

Am watching a Filipino movie on Astro. One of those melodramatic teen love stories between a poor guy & a rich girl. You know, like almost happen but didn't happen kind of story. It has got to be one of the longest running love story ever. It started when they were in high school. Now it's 5 years after graduation & they're still not together yet.


Abdullah said...

kinda like the Mulder-Scully kiss we all waited 5 years for huh?

Greg Wee said...

HAHAHAHA Did it happen? I lost track. Didn't watch the latest X-files movie.