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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drat! It's Those Subtitles Again!

My brother recommended this DVD to me. Usually I get very suspicious when the actors or the director or the production team are from Hong Kong. In recent years, Hong Kong commercial films have proven to be consistently bad. One very big case in point was Tsui Hark's epic story Seven Swords.

This one looked like another one of those Hong Kong made epics.

BUT... I found that it was quite well made...

until the subtitles came out.

And without warning, it struck. Green dragon woman without pubic hair.

I thought I must have read it wrongly & then, there it was again.

Who was this hairless woman? Was it this lady in distress from under attack?

There wasn't any exposure of those parts down south so I didn't think it was her.

Then came Maggie Q who played this Queen like character with lots of fur.

Could it be her? Could it be all that fur & animal hair were a cover up for her insecurities, her lack of pubic hair? Was she the green dragon?

Ok. Maybe not. It turns out that her title was HAN 2 DE 2... What?!

I really don't know why DVD pirates even bother to do the subtitles themselves in the first place.


David said...

Tell you what, i really really like that movie, three kingdom!! hahas!! nice bLOG

David said...

nice blog

Greg Wee said...

BTW, do you have any idea who the green dragon lady without pubic hair was supposed to be?

Anonymous said...

did u find out who was she when the show ends?