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Monday, February 23, 2009

Korea Here I come!

It's not North lah.

It's South.

It's the land where there's a drama series for every season of the year.

Winter Sonata.

Autumn in My Heart.

Summer Scent.

When Spring Comes.

It's the land where men bleed blood in movies, cry in the rain & bang their heads against the wall out of honour, sacrificial love, filial piety & brotherhood.

And the women, more fragile than glass, shed tears at the snap of the fingers, while suffering a terminal illness in silence.

And the land where Rain doesn't mean the weather.

And also where 80% of the women are artificially constructed through surgical cosmetics.

And I'm going to be there in May! Original kimchi, here I come!

But first, I need to do this.


Abdullah said...

Annyong ha se yo!!!

What r u gonna be doing there bro?

Greg Wee said...

It's a holiday man. I'll do Seoul, sample some imperial palace food, street food, kimchi-mania, then maybe, just maybe, head down to cheju island.

Abdullah said...


So jealous...