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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Modern Art at it's Modernest: Centre Pompidou

Paris has always been known as the City of Art. I don't know when or how this came about but it has always been like this. So when I was there, naturally I made sure to drop by Centre Pompidou, one of the most famous modern art gallery in Paris, to have a closer look at what real art was.

In art-deprived Kuching, the definition of art is limited only to watercolour paintings of kampung houses with wild chickens underneath & sandy beaches with coconut trees. So when someone tries something other than the conventional, their old-school art teacher would yell at them.

So imagine how it'd be like when you throw a boy from the deep tropical rainforest into a place like this.

I believe art is what separates humans from the primal species. I mean, without art, don't you think that we'd only be preoccupied looking for food, shelter & reproduction? And that is no different than being an ape.

And I think that this place is really awesome. If you throw a chimp (or a protozoa) in here, the process of evolution will kick in right away, & it'll walk out of here as a human being.

Oh look, it's Doc Manhattan from the Watchmen with his hanging appendage.

Oh man. This chick is two timing the dude, & he doesn't even know it.

With all this psychedelic disco stuff, I was half-expecting John Travolta to appear but he didn't.

Ok, here's what I call the gross-out section. This one reminds me of one of my constipated days.

Earwax by the ton.

And this would fulfil any teenage boy's obsession with Japanese manga gore.

And finally, this is what I'd like to call LIKE THAT ALSO CAN.

What the...

What the??!!

WHAT THE????!!!!!!!

You think my old-school art teacher would let me thru with an artwork like this?!


Abdullah said...

Sometimes art is...well...kinda stupid...hehehehe...

Greg Wee said...

Or... sometimes it makes us feel stuupid. heheh.