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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have Seen the Future!

This is really mind-blowing.

(Not the Japanese dude, but the pens on the table)

I haven't come across anything as exciting as this since puberty.

It's as exciting as the day when pirated DVDs arrived & when Britney Spears exploded into the music scene.

Or when Bill Gates invented Windows & Steve Jobs, the Macintosh, or when the internet was born & it made you wonder why the heck were you still writing letters to your pen pals & mailing Christmas cards every year.

This is as revolutionary as The Matrix & Ghost in the Shell put together, plus Chairman Mao & the Gang of Four.

This is the future & it will change our lives. Personal computing will never be the same again.

This is really very extremely exciting in an orgasmic kind of way. Now, the next question is, is this for real, cos I just got this in the email today, & I can't verify it.


Jimi said...

cool invention. but i think it's fake...

Abdullah said...


And bro, I got that in the mail about 2 years ago, and I still don't see it on the market... but that doesn'r mean it doesn'r exist...perhaps x ready for mass production yet..

Abdullah said...

Oh, and I forgot to add, you can look at the PDAs to know that they were from an era long gone.

But, those infra-red keyboards actually do exist. You can order them online in America.

Also, the projector may be true as well...Now the question that has boggled me since the beginning - where is the damn processor???

Greg Wee said...

The processor could very well be implanted in the head.

Abdullah said...

Whoah... cool... I never expected that!

Btw, I've started my oil painting. I'm doing a 3 panel painting, and had to wait almost a bloody week for the first layer to dry...but there's something satisfying about seeing oil on canvas... the way the textures can be manipulated, and not just about the colours themselves...

Greg Wee said...

Waiting in anticipation to see the finished work. Abstract art I presume?