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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Evolution of the Japanese Species

I've said it before, & I'll say it again. If there's anything wierder than wierd, it has to come from Japan.

By now, I think you must have heard the news that Japan has signed up 3 kawaii girls who like dressing up as a schoolgirl, doll & lolita as its cultural ambassadors to the world.

Then just as I was still recovering from the WHAT THE...? effect, the Japanese came back & hit us with this Model bot.

See, this reaffirms my belief that as robots evolutionise to become more sophistificated & human-like, humans on the other hand are de-volutioning (if there's such a word) to become more android-like with fake lashes, fake hair, fake coloured contacts, tons of makeup & fake body parts. And that's just cosmetics.

You'd also have people with fake prosthetic arms & legs, some fitted with more technologically advanced artificial limbs. That kept me thinking. If more & more parts of our bodies stop functioning, & we keep on replacing them with advanced chip-based limbs & organs, how long will it be before we are called a cyborg, instead of a human being? At what point do we stop being humans?

Imagine if 99% of our physical self is replaced by these technological parts, & we could connect to the internet wireless through the chip in our head, wouldn't the internet be an extension of ourself? And so, if our consciousness leave our physical bodies & decided to stay on the internet, then Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell would finaly have become a reality.

Here's the video clip of the latest Model bot HRP-4c.

There is hope for all the single men out there.

Actroid DER-2

Ok. That blew my brains away & made me pee in my pants.


Vestige said...

I bet a drunk would had thought its real and got electrocuted.

Anonymous said...

trust me....these robot technologies will get better and better to the point tat when we meet a girl in a bar, it will be difficult for us to differentiate whether she is a real woman or a robo-female....

sigh...times were much easier during my younger days when all you have to look out for is the "a-qua"....


Greg Wee said...

Vestige & Ciaklat. Yes, it's true. We are living in a very onfusing time.

Abdullah said...

Whoah...Animatrix dejavu...