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Monday, April 6, 2009

Ah Beng Back From KL

Hi All! Sorry for the long week of silence. My apologies to my many thousands of die-hard fans & faithful readers across the land. I believe the unintended silence must have caused you great suffering & depression that would have driven you close to suicide.
Fear not, for now Ah Beng has returned from KL. Thou shall have your salvation.
Okay, let's cut the crap. I know mushrooms are growing on my blog already but I was in KL for 3 days doing interviews for my research work. It was an excellently productive trip. As packed as my tight schedule was, I actually enjoyed it. Here's 5 reasons why:

1) I got to interview the legendary Reggie Lee, one of Malaysia's top cartoonist of all time (second only to LAT). I must admit, strange as it may sound, I was starstruck. I guess I've never lost that geeky side of me. What a nerd.

2) I also got to interview two of Malaysia's independent filmmakers Liew Seng Tat & Tan Chui Mui.

3) I bought a whole bunch of independent films from Da Huang Pictures, thereby fulfilling one of my many resolutions for this year. There were more films on their catalogue but I just didn't have enough cash with me then & they didn't accept credit cards. Now, to complete that resolution, I'd have to make sure that I watch what I bought.

4) I finally found my angle on comics again. I'm nerdily & geekily happy to announce that my comics collections days have returned. Woe to those who will try to oppose my advancement in this pursuit of art.

5) Truth be told, Korean language audio CDs only exist in KL. Will be doing Lesson One on my way to work tomorrow mornin, in the car. WOOHOO.

I'm as happy as a busy bee. Wait a minute. Is a busy bee a happy bee or a stressed one?


Abdullah said...

Thank God he's back!!! (hiding the razor behind my back)

Greg Wee said...

Thank you Abdullah for entertaining my delusions.