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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Amazing Google Map!

I am so amazed. I am so totally converted into a technology geek, and Google is my friend.

Many of you might have known this already, and this may just be old, rotting news to you but as usual, I'm always one of the very last ones to know. On Tuesday, I found out how amazing Google Map was. As far as my brains was concerned, Google blew it away.

It was my very first virginal experience with Google Map & it felt as revolutionary as The Matrix. Now, I was trying to get from Melbourne city to Clayton, where Monash University was. There was this conference that I was supposed to attend but being a sakai from Kuching, I knew nothing about how to get there. Well, actually that was an exaggeration. I knew how to get from Melbourne to Huntingdale station, and I knew there'd be a bus to take me to the campus. But the thing about it was that I wouldn't know where to stop, & which building to go to.

You know how it is when you want to go somewhere unfamiliar & the only reference that you have is a street map? Now, the problem with a street map is that when you get there, the real place doesn't look anything like the map.

Enter Google Map.

Now aside from just being an ordinary 2D flat map that wil not look anything like the real place, Google Map has this cool tool. If you roll your mouse pointer over this orange dude, it will come alive and you can drag & drop him anywhere on the map.

So dragged him I did, & dropped him I did, on the street at Monash campus, where the bus was supposed to stop.

And this virtual panaromic thing popped up. The cool thing about this is that you can actually navigate backwards, forward, tilt up & down with your mouse & you can actually see what the real place looked like.

The whole virtual experience is designed to give you that feeling of really being there. Really cool. Way cool. Technology is just amazing. I am so full of love for Bill Gates & the rest of the internet geeks out there. Truly, with all humility, I am not worthy.

So, of course, being a true patriotic son of Sarawak, the next thing that I did was to check Kuching, Sarawak on Google Map. Hey, I could show you where I grew up & which drain I peed in, pood in & also caught fishes in, all in the same drain.

But alas! I was rudely reminded that I was in Malaysia, the land where nothing actually happens.The orang dude wasn't orange. In fact, he was as pale as dead.

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