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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wolverine from Oz

Who knew that a virtually unknown wild animal like the wolverine could one day be elevated to cult status.

Eversince my comic book collection days, Wolverine had always stood out amongst the rest of the X-men. Always the odd one, the loner, I think he embodied the many silent nerds out there who felt that they did not fit into society but believed that they would one day become as strong as their idol. See this dude here. You can tell that he badly wants to be Wolverine. In fact, he probably believes that he is.

And this dude here. Well, I think he's bringing the whole thing to a different level... I really don't know what to make of it. It seems like it's becoming a fashion accessory.

All this hype, all this cult popularity is building up in anticipation of the new Wolverine movie coming up soon.

I bet you've seen the trailer. For others more fortunate, or unfortunate, you might also have caught the unfinished version of the film.

Hugh Jackman has carved out a fantastic career for himself playing this Wolverine character. He has done it so well that his name is now synonymous with Wolverine. Hugh Jackman, one of the most sexiest man alive. Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine, always in angst, always constipated.

As I ponder on his sexiness, I came across this clip recently of Hugh Jackman performing a musical number from his hit musical The Boy from Oz. Take it all in, as I did.

Mr. Hugh Jackman, you are starting to worry me. I have placed such high hopes on you. You have been the salvation for all nerds out there who needed an ultra macho male ego to be their beacon of light, to guide them into manhood-dom. Now look what you've done to Wolverine!

Somehow I have a feeling that Mr. Bryan Singer had something to do with this. Something must have rubbed off onto Mr. Wolverine.

Now, I am not only waiting in anticipation for the new Wolverine movie. I am also waiting in fear, praying that the new Wolverine will not change from his white Ah Pek Teck Kong singlet into leotards.

What have you all done?!

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Heroes said...

Yeah, I had watched the unfinished version with the safety strings still on their body which downloaded from net. That's the reason why I hardly had time to update my blog lor... :-D Busy downloading movies and tv series.....