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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ah Beng Painting Again

I've never thought I'd be able to do this in a million years. But somehow I managed to whip up two paintings today.

I bought a huge piece of canvas a looong time ago. I had to tie it on top of the roof of my car to transport it home. After collecting algae, bacteria & mushrooms over that period of time, I finally painted something on it. I call this The First Circle. It's 4'x4'.

It may not look like much from far but upon closer inspection, I hope that you'll be able to appreciate the textured surface.

I like the other smaller piece (1.5'x1.5') as well but unfortunately it cracked cos I painted over another layer of painting. I'm still not sure what to call this one yet. Any ideas?

I'm excited now & will definitely be squeezing out more time (like squeezing for toothpaste) to do more of this!


Philip's Dream Team said...

Hi Greg,
Nice paintings. I like the 2nd one more. Gives me an impression of "intensity"- red colour, and the green outside sounds like "enjoyment" in an open field. Very refreshing like a Mendelssohn violin concerto.

Greg Wee said...

It's interesting how you relate it to music. When I took a good look at the two paintings after I was done with them, I actually thought of them as a resonating sound wave in circular form, coming out & vibrating with the music. I usually visualise with music, but in this instance, it was music that came out from the visuals. Sort of reminded me of Arabesque - an abstract animation with music. Try Youtube it, it may be there.

Abdullah said... kool... dunno when I'm gonna ever have the time to finish mine...sigh...

Greg Wee said...

I'll be waiting bro. I'm watching you (Robert De Niro style in Meet the Parents)

Willie said...


Greg Wee said...

Thanks Willie.