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Thursday, June 25, 2009

BLOOD: The Last Vampire

The Japanese really has this thing for schoolgirls in uniform. And it's not just any schoolgirl. It's a schoolgirl who carries a sword & kills vampires in the subway. And she works for a secret organisation. And she looks like Angelina Jolie.

Look at those lips. They remind me of cream puffs. I didn't know animated characters also had to go for botox. See the resemblance? I knew someone once who had lips like that. She got stung by a bee.

As with any other anime in Japan, they're always based on manga. The original version came out in 2000 by Benkyo Tamaoki. This was the English reprint or something which came out later.

I looked it up, the art's not that great but it wasn't bad. And of course as with most manga, they have the luxury of having hundreds of pages to slowly build up the characters & the storyline layer upon layer, making it very engaging.

However, it was the animated movie that really rocked my world. Watch the clip if you haven't & tell me if your world is rocked.

When I first saw this trailer on YouTube, I knew I had to get the DVD.

Blood is an hour long of dark, gutsy, edgy, gratituitous violence, horror & lots of spewing blood. In other words, it's an excellent movie for beer-guzzling, pizza-eating, poker-playing, fly-fishing, game-hunting, backside-scratching real macho men.

And now, the producers of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon has made this little anime into a mega-budgeted Hollywood movie, starring a Korean actress, playing a Japanese, who speaks English.
Yes I know. It has already been playing in the cineplexes for some time now & you've probably watched it already.

But I just thought that I'd write about it anyway, cos it's one of those pop culture things that I really like. But I'm not so sure about the live-action movie. It looks too slick, too bright, too colourful & easily mistaken for a superhero/fantasy movie rather than horror.

I don't know. I haven't seen it. Have you?


Abdullah said...

Blood the anime looks wicked man!

I think we can see it on Astro (if I'm not mistaken..

Greg Wee said...

Hi Abdullah, yes, the one's on Astro is called Blood+ I think. It's more like the series. Get your kids away from it.

Abdullah said...

hey greg, I was in KCH weekend before last...were you shopping at Parkson on the Sunday with wife and kids there? thought I saw someone who looked like u.. I'll be there again for the last time this year this sunday.. maybe i'll see u around?

Greg Wee said...

What? You were in KCH? I don't think that was me man. I'm usually tied up during the weekends & I don't do the malls. That must have been an impostor! An Ah Beng wannabe!

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