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Friday, July 3, 2009

BLU: Animated Graffitti on the Wall

In Malaysia and other parts of the world, graffitti is limited to non-intelligible scribbles under school desks & behind toilet doors. They're usually made-up advertisements that sound something like For gay & sexy time, call 012-XXX XXXX or they're just plain offensive obscenities with a lack of focus.

Graffitti in Malaysia is definitely not an artform. It is definitely not art, & it definitely doesn't have form. But then, because of artists like BLU, there is hope for our directionless teen toilet scribblers of Malaysia to become a socially responsible citizen of Malaysia.

Maybe I'm putting too much hope on them. Maybe it's good enough if they can make good graffitti.
BLU is an Italian graffitti artist. That's as much information about him as I can dig up from Google. If anyone knows more, please, say something in the comment box below.
Aside from making normal static graffitti on walls of buildings, which you can find on his site here, he has moved on a hundred steps further. With animation, he has been able to make his graffitti cross the traditional 2D space to interact with 3D space.

This one is called MUTO.

You must agree with me. This is simply mindblowing. I feel like that guy. My head just cracked open & my brains just spilled out after watching this.

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