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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gwon Osang: Korean Sculptor of Wierdness

It's strange where you can find new art. I was on a flight from Seoul to Jeju a few weeks ago when the airline's inflight magazine caught my eye. On the cover were 3 figures who looked like they were mentally disturbed.

It looked like the three monkeys, except this one was like think all evil, hear all evil, see half evil.

When I took a closer look, the figures looked like they were made up of separate pieces of photographs patched together. And only then I realised it was art.

It was wierd art. But nevertheless good art.

It looks like there's some gay action going on here.

Ok. This one is beyond wierd. Doesn't it just remind you of something crawling out of the TV? Like in The Ring?

Now, let me ask you. Do you still want a Korean girlfriend?

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