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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Korea2Go on PDA

I spent 5 days in Seoul & another 5 in Jeju island. Now looking back, it's a wonder how I actually survived cos my earlier attempt to learn Korean was futile. I even cramped the Korean alphabet on the last day before I flew.

But knowing that I needed something else to really bridge the language gap, I found this on the internet.

Now, I can't remember where I found this, but you can easily Google it & download a demo version for free. Korea2Go is a PDA downloadable software that has ready made phrases for you to use in times of distress & duress.

An example of distress is during shopping. You can actually search for phrases by keywords. For example - buy. That will list out all phrases within the database with the word buy. Now at this point I think all my female readers will find this tool really useful.

And let's say you want to buy toilet paper, as that is also another form of distress.

The phrase comes with a Korean language translation & if you click on the speaker icon, it will read the Korean phrase for you out loud.

But unfortunately the sound function is only available for the Basic category. But of course, if you pay up, you can have all the sound you want.
All the same, I found this to be still useful without sound cos I could still show the selected phrases for the Koreans to read & so they'd know I was asking whether they accepted credit cards, whether they can ta-pau the food up, & what the hell is this on my plate?
Try it. You may find it useful as well.

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