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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When We Were Young

As a kid I didn't do much. Kids then were unlike the monsters that we have created today. If you take a good look at their daily calendar, their to do list can easily rival any CEO of any major international corporation.

But back then, my calendar of activities had only 4 things - Eat, Sleep, Play & Draw. I was a major underachiever. I mean you're talking about a kid who thought to be able to sit at the back of a lorry was an ambition.

However, there were other kids around my age who did a lot more.

I was playing with plastic toy soldiers. I threw a ball of paper at the row of toy soldiers & they were annihilated. And I thought I was a dang genius.

I collected Buah Sagas under the tree in school, challenged my schoolmates to a game, won lots more & I thought I was the King of the World.

I played in the drains & caught a lot of fish (Batok, longkang fishes) & I thought I had an indispensible skill.

Boy, looking at these clips make me feel so small.

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