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Friday, July 24, 2009

JPOP 101: Utada Hikaru

I was a sucker for JPOP a long time ago back then when I was still a scrawny teen with bursting volcanic acne on my face and a voice that sounded like a goose. Now eons later, I am still suckered by JPOP, albeit a little bit wiser.

Most of the JPOP groups & pop idols that I fancied have long gone. Some faded away into obscurity like Shohjo-Tai.

While some left this world too early like Minako Honda.

Others stayed on as legends like Seiko Matsuda & still manages to look good.

I call these the first generation, which came out onto the scene about the same time as Robotech in the 80s.

Today, we have a whole new generation of JPOP idols.


If you're new to this, don't worry. I'm just as lost as you are. However, there is one 2nd generation singer who came forth in the 90s worth knowing. Her name is Utada Hikaru, or otherwise know as Utada, or Hikaru, or Hikki.

Born from a set of super-famous & talented musician-singer parents, Utada came out of her mother's womb at childbirth yodelling, instead of screaming. My apologies. I made that up. Can't help it.

Hikaru has been around since the 90s. Truly a talented prodigy, she writes & composes her own songs. Maybe that explains for her long staying power. I could still remember when her music videos started appearing on MTV, & the radio started playing her songs - if you remember Automatic.

But it wasn't until Sakura Drops that I really felt that I had to buy her album. Cos that was when her music videos started going psychedelic, fusing music with art. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this.

And then this one too - Travelling.

I like this one too. The single is called Hikari (Shine) & I thought the music video was a genius! Instead of more of the endless bombardment of psychedelic images & colours, this MV was a return to basics, to a more sanitised authentic Utada.

One of my favourite singles - Colors

And now she's back with a new Japanese doll look & a new album appropriately titled as This is The One.

This One (Crying Like a Child)


Omg!ItsMrRoLL said...

OmG!! I Love Utada Hikaru..

baby come back to me & merry xmas Mr.Lawrence is my fab song from "This Is The One"

hope she will success!!

Greg Wee said...

Yeah I'm glad that she's on local radio play now. You know what, I think we need a JPOP/KPOP radio station.

viagra online said...

Indeed many groups were left in the limbo, I was also a sucker for those kind of bands, many of your videos brought back many memories.