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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Things That Adults Can Do

Okay people. This will not be like the usual postings that I would put up here. Honestly, I wasn't really sure what I'd label it. Looking back at the contents, the closest that I could get to was Ah Beng Do Manly Things, although it turned out to be the opposite of manly.

I'm sorry if the first photo might shock you out of your socks. I know how it can look like - systematic Guantanamo-like torture & abuse of small, innocent children, who will be scarred for life by this experience. That's why I blacked out the identity of the adult perpetrators.

And then, there were adult prisoners as well. Do not succumb to your feelings of empathy for this one, for he fulfills the profile of an international terrorist. Look at his build. I was told by a an anonymous source, someone close to him, that he does push ups & sit ups after every meal. He IS dangerous.

The little unidentified girl in girly pink hovering around the prisoner adds to the torture with her cynical laughter which can humble any proud man, & in this case, a potential terrorist. It is a system that has similar effects as the use of continuous Sesame Street songs on the prisoners of Guantanamo.

The potential terrorists thought that they were being forced-fed cream from an ugly & disgusting toe, & thus broke down & confessed their crimes of the recent bombings in Jakarta. But unbeknownst to them, the cream on their lips were from my beautiful thumb. MUAHAHAHA.

And, to add to the pain, they were forced to make works of art from slimy chewed chewing gums.

Look at the blotted stains on the cardboard. Imagine the amount of saliva they had to deal with.

There's nothing like forcing dangerous grownup terrorists to make pretty, girly artworks in pink.

It can bring a grown man down to his knees.

I hope the Indonesian authorities sees this & make full use of these systematic processes on those responsible for the Jakarta bombings.

And I also hope that the Malaysian authorities DO NOT see this & use them for the ISA.


Abdullah said...

I have just fainted form the inhumanity of the torture they had to endure...God bless their souls...

PS: pls give me the number of the little girl in pink... I have some difficult students i need to be dealt with...

Greg Wee said...

HAHAHAHA Be forewarned. She doesn't come cheap.

Abdullah said...

I'm sure she doesn't...must have been trained by the best...

Mi said...

I sooooooo glad that we didn't go that night. i think our stomach will get cramps from laughing!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not using my photos...less my clients will begin to think I'm not so professional, at this age still play with saliva. from:jac.

Greg Wee said...

Mi, you just missed Nee's Korean spread. That would have made the cramps worth the while.

Jac, don't worry. You are safe for now. I'm keeping the photos for future blackmail puruposes.