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Saturday, August 8, 2009


When I was younger & nerdier, I was able to recite to you the latest Hollywood gossip, the latest movies even before they were even released, who acted in which movie, who the director was, the Director of Photography, the Composer, and even who the waterboy was.

The me of today is a far cry from the me of yesteryears. Although not as nerdy anymore, I have lost my psychic ability. Today, I don't even have the time to watch a decent movie, let alone know the names of the actors. My familiarity with actors seemed to have stopped in time in the 90s with Arnold Schwarzeneggar as the Terminator.

Anyone new who appeared on screen since 2000 remained strangely unidentifiable to me.

It is a sign that I am getting old & I fear that I am starting to turn into an ignorant, arrogant, old fart.

This also happened to my love for music unfortunately. I slowly lost track of the new bands & the many manufactured popstars that popped up from nowhere. When you grow older, who sang what song doesn't seem to be as important as the leak in the ceiling that needs repairing or the weeds in the garden that needs weeding, or the family of lizards who's starting to make your house their home. And it is a silent killer. Without realising it, you will wake up one day suddenly as an uncool old dude who listens only to Kenny Rogers or Dolly Parton's Collection of Greatest Hits.

The Dolly Parton of today.

The Kenny Rogers of today.

But I will NOT let that happen to me!

Recently I have been scouring the internet in search of my youth. And I think I may have found it, in the form of K-POP. I have to admit that I'm a sucker for sentimental Korean R&B mushy love songs, in particular the ones sung by male artistes with voices that shudder with pain & so full of emotion.

This is just a random one that I found on YouTube which was exactly what I was looking for. VOS is an excellent 3-men A capella R&B group & I think you will agree with that.

P.S. I am not gay. I am happily married & I have happy fun time together with my wife.


iSHiOK said...

the 'anold' effect is totally fake ----

Abdullah said...

Bro...embrace the fact that ur getting oooooold man... heheheehe...
(Actually going thru the same thing)

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