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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ah Beng is Back ... Again!

Hello People!

You guys never give up do you?

I thought that if I stopped writing, you'd slowly go away as the days go by. That was my evil plan. I was half-heartedly contemplating to stop this strenuous blogging activity which has been consistently sucking up my precious time like a bottomless black pit.

I was thinking if I stopped posting then people would stop dropping by, then there would REALLY be no reason for me to continue blogging - something like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But then as the days became weeks, & the weeks became one whole month, the numbers never really dropped. People like you still came by for reasons which I fail to understand. There has been nothing happening in this blog for a month already. Maybe you guys are the type who like to watch paint dry. Or maybe you guys are really the zen-jedi types, you know, the ones who think that nothing is something & something is nothing.

But guess what? You win. I lose. And I'm back again.

But this is not the first time though that I have abandoned my dear faithful followers. I did it before, and God forbids, I may just do it again. But then again, maybe you guys enjoy it in a sort of fetish way, like SM.

But this time, it may be different. This time I came up with a super-duper monster schedule that will allow me to update consistently.

So yes folks! Ah Beng is Back in the Blogging Business!

p/s I bet people like Abdullah, who has nothing better to do, will be laughing until his teeth drops out.


Abdullah said...

I just put my teeth back in...

Welcome back yet again my brother in the fight against absolutely nothing at all! We stand together again at the epitome of nothingness, waiting for paint to dry, so we can paint over it yet again...

Welcome back again I say...

Mikail said...

Hello. I am from Miri. Did you read the comments that Tan Wei Kheng and posted on your last post. We are artists. We wana contact you. Please look at my blog U will see your blog right at the top of my blog list today ..cos you posted today..and you can view your blog at There you can go to tanweikehng's blog. Cos u said not much is know of the photrealism artist .. taht is can find out more in his blog. And meet raphael scott abeng in me at or call 0138370568

Greg Wee said...

Abdullah: YES I am a new man with a new coat of paint! (That doesn't have to mean anything cos what we're doing doesn't mean anything either)

Hi Mikail: 3-2-1 Contact!