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Sunday, September 6, 2009

District B13

This is another one of those things that continually remind me of how behind I am of the what's hot & what's not. This is worrying. Everything points to a single dot. I am getting old, and uncool. I am entering the arena of the uncles.

District B13 is one of the coolest physical action movies ever made in the history of filmmaking, parallel only to Ong Bak. It celebrates Parkour & the superhuman feats that mere mortals like us can hope to achieve, by pushing our physical bodies to their limits.

Wait a minute. That sounded like the Olympics.

Anyway, I only came to know about this movie when my aggressive neighbourhood DVD peddler introduced it to my face. A quick check on YouTube confirmed that it'd be an awesome movie.

Watch this chase scene & tell me if Jackie Chan is still your hero or you're changing your fan club.

Wow. Anybody knows anyone teaching this thing? It sure makes Xtreme sports like rock climbing look like sports for sloths.


Abdullah said...

Jeez... they can do that???
You wanna give parkour a try? hehehehe...
(if ya do lemme know k...)

Greg Wee said...

Yes, I really think we need to master this building jumping activity. You won't know, we may need it one day. Look at Teo Beng Hock.

Abdullah said...


He sure wasn't into parkour that's for certain! If he was he'd just land squarely on the ground, get up, drive away, and register his marriage the following day...

Maybe you do have a point there my friend...