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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ong Bak 2 Late

Tony Jaa basically leaped out of my TV screen when Ong Bak first came out in 2003.

This guy is not human. He kills people with his knees & elbows.

5 years after his debut, after a string of action films, Ong Bak 2 came out in December 2008. And guess what? Being slow as usual, I just finished watching the movie a couple of days ago. Still fresh from all that action, I still have the tendency to do the signature Tony Jaa quick-elbow-strike-combined-with-front-leg-stomp action when no one's watching.

The production of Ong Bak 2 wasn't without its problems. I think it was Tony Jaa's directorial debut, & production ran way off budget, running for 3 years, & Tony Jaa had to disappear into the jungle to meditate, literally, seriously. That's what I read in the news.

But lucky for us, the jungle boy re-emerged, & we've got a movie to watch.

Ong Bak 2 definitely had more action than its predecessors, partly cos Tony Jaa didn't have to talk. Dialogues were provided by the other actors. The only sound that came out of Tony's mouth was AARRGH & YAAAAAA. With the dialogues out of the way, it left a lot of room for more action.

Now, what I liked about this movie was Tony Jaa's demonstration of his mastery of the other martial arts like:

The Samurai Swordfight.

Strong Wind Down South Below.
No, I don't really know what that was but I think it's something like Iron Fist.

Snake Kungfu.
And I think there was also the eagle claws somewhere in there, which were all the usual traditional Chinese kungfu styles that you'd find in any 70s movie.

But then, out of nowhere came this black dude who proceeded to strip down to his panties in front of Tony Jaa.
And the fight was strange cos they would roll on the ground & the black dude would always attack from behind.

In a very strange way, it reminded me that fighting is actually very physically intimate. And there's a lot of physical contact & rubbing which I find to be worrying if your sparring partner is secretly gay, & he's taking advantage of the situation, like the black dude here.

Even in the end if you win, like Tony Jaa here, it makes you think twice about who's actually the real winner, who actually gets the most out of the fight.

I think in this case, in this particular lockdown position, it looks like the secret gay black dude guy who likes to attack from behind has the upper hand. It looks like Tony Jaa's modesty has been grossly violated & he doesn't even know it.

8 comments: said...

my friend planning to learn the thai ong bak skill after he finished his study and i was shocked towards that! nanged u! nang me if u want to join Nuffnang-force now! We are FBI too.... nang me! Thank you!

Abdullah said...

Whoah... I have no idea what the comment above meant...I'm probably so behind the times...

Abdullah said...

Oh...and I just bought Ong Bak... I haven't even seen the first there is someone even more left behind that you Beng!

(Dunno when I can get to see it cos I have to wait until my son's asleep...he's been picking up fight moves on TV like a sponge... and he diligently practices on me and his mom)

Greg Wee said...

That's why there's something called Dumb & Dumber.

Anonymous said...

The black dude aint black, hes thai, and is muaythai style, and u should shut the fuc off, disrespect the movie.

Greg Wee said...

Woo. Angry people who can't take a joke. Angry & yet anonymous & full of filthy words. Wooo.

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Greg Wee said...

Thanks Viagras, and Jelly. I'm glad you enjoyed it and not get pissed off like some anonymous people do.