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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ah Beng Shows Off Talents: PART 4

By now, you would have guessed why I haven't been posting regularly. I guess it's excusable cos I have not been exactly doing nothing. Fear not, I have not given up blogging. In fact, I do have quite a few things lined up. The only problem is that the queue is not moving.

Show Off No. 4:
Title: Iris
Dimensions: 4' 8" X 3' 4"

As with most of my paintings, I usually start off not knowing what the heck I was doing. I only knew that I wanted something circular, cos I wasn't done with that concept yet.

I decided to use only Blue & White to give a monochromatic feel, something that might emit that kind of underwater deep ocean feel.

But in the end, I thought it looked more like a flower rather than a micro-organism.

But a photographer friend thought that it looked like an eye & that I should call it The Iris, and I did.
And I guess it worked well if you see what I mean.

Sorry if I scared the kids like that but I was just trying to prove a point.


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

just found your blog. im a singaporean studying in the united states.. your blog is entertaining and humorous. i needed some at home-ness..your engrish really is the cherry on top. :)

i have a blog too..

cheers, michelle

Greg Wee said...

Hi Michelle. Thank you for the kind words. I know how it is being away from home, especially when you're somewhere that far away! I've been there down that road. Glad that you came by to 'oon tau yu' (dip soya sauce).

Abdullah said...

Waah Beng... got new fan hor?
Hi Michelle!

Greg Wee said...

Wise words of Wisdom from the starving artist by the roadside: Beware the power of the fan, for it will kipas the fire and one can burn oneself.