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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ah Beng Do the Ultimate Man Thing

I went for a fire safety training sometime back in October. Now it wasn't because I was inspired by the great controversial 9th Mile Kuching fire which happened around that time, but it was more like I had no choice.

But my initial folded-arm reservations were eventually transformed into the anticipation of a 6-year old with twinkling eyes when told that we'd be doing the whole gamut of firemen activities including hosing, pole sliding & fire engine rides.

I don't know about you, but I was sold. I mean who doesn't want to hose a fire, slide down the pole & ride on the red truck with the sirens on? I was on.

Every single little boy wanted to be a fireman at least once in their childhood ... or an arsonist.
Every single grown man harbours a dark secret to be a sexy fireman. Well, there are a few who wants to be Barbie but that's another subject matter.

The whole training was designed to slowly get us warmed up into the game. We had to do the usual warming up exercises which included running around the grounds.

And also the compulsory basking under the hot sun.
But every torture has its rewards. You'd just have to earn it.

That was me sliding down the pole with full speed line effects.

And we got to sit in the real cockpit of action.
And we also got to put on the full firemen suit & helmet. But not everyone was rushing in for this deal cos you might want to think about who was in it before. These things were not exactly required to be sent to the laundry. In fact, you could still smell the last fire on it.

This was a colleague of ours. Look at him. He's probably reliving his childhood dream of becoming Ultraman.

And then the real training began.

We were taught how to roll out the hoses.

And how to work as a team to connect the hoses to the fire truck, and to other hoses.
Look at that, the guy on the right runs like a girl. Maybe he didn't want to become a fireman. Maybe he wanted to be Barbie.

And then finally the ultimate rush.

Looking back, something transformed within us that day. We all became real men, including that little lady on the left.
But for those of us who were already real men, like me, we became the ultra men of manliness who knew how to handle their hoses & their poles.

I believe after this incredible experience of transformation, some of us would even go home to our store rooms and start throwing away our Barbie collection.


Abdullah said...

Handling hoses and poles??? Sign me up Beng!!!

Greg Wee said...

Hi Abdullah. I just find you so positive in everything. You'd just about ready to sign up for almost anything wouldn't you?

Big Blog Collection said...

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Abdullah said...

Just as long as you do them first..hehehe...

William said...

Are you using your pole and hose incorrectly before the training?

Greg Wee said...

Ok. I think I'd better keep this blog PG-13. It's slowly skewing out of control towards the undesirables. My fault.