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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Ultimatum of Hip Hop: Prepix Style

I'm not much of a dancer. I've had my share of embarrassing attempts before. But I do have lots of students who are so into it that they dance until they drop ... drop in their grades that is.

Dance to me is an art form. And to me, anything that is remotely related to art, I LIKE. However, there are certain limitations. Ballet is one of them. The images of men prancing around in tights with their bulging packages is too much for me to bear.

I've always told myself that if I had that one opportunity to learn music, it'd have to be the piano cos it allows a great deal of expression. And if there's one dance that I can learn, it'd have to be tap & jazz combined.

But now, when I saw this, I changed my mind. I wanted to learn some serious hip hop too!

I was never that much fascinated with hip hop (cos they're mostly just booty-shaking nowadays) until I saw these guys doing it. They're based in Korea & have somehow cemented this particular style which they call the Prepix Style.

For lack of a better description, I'd say that their moves remind me of a broken record, or digital video being fast forward. Either that or it evokes the experience of watching a bad copy of a pirated DVD movie.

Sometimes, you'd see some serious slo-mo bullet-time movements like in Matrix. In general, their style seems to be a reflection of the influence of techno-culture that is very much prevalent in the generation of today.

The whole thing is amazing to watch & it can be quite fixating. Now I understand why my students could dance until they fail their exams, and I hope they don't see these videos, otherwise they will never graduate.

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Romain said...

I'm a ballet dancer. Usually people like to see my "package", as you say. Why not?