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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Was a Milo Boy

I had 3 volcanic erruptions on my forehead yesterday.

It's one of those zits that shoot out onto the mirror once you squeeze them.

Strangely enough, popping zits is a bit addictive. It's like squeezing those air bubbled plastic sheets. You can get a certain high from it.

Well, I've been taking too much chocolate as of late, which explains the zits. I found this econo pack on the shelve at H&L the other day when I was looking for some breakfast cereal. And since it was a Milo product, I just grabbed it without thinking twice.

Milo, Milo, anda jadi sihat & kuat!
Look! If you eat enough of it, you can become a footballer & do flying kicks.

Almost every Malaysian kid grew up on Milo. I remember my dad used to wake up every morning at 6am to make me & my brother a glass before we leave for school on the yellow orange school bus. That was every single morning. Including Sundays. It was like 24-7 & 365 days a year. I must have been so full of Milo & sihat dan kuat.

And now, Milo has another new product. Judging from the picture on the cover, I think it's probably for butterfly stroke swimmers.

Well, between me & my wife, we finished the whole container in just 3 nights. Yes, it was that good & this is not even an advert. I would have eaten the plastic box if my wife didn't stop me.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Monster in My Pants?!

I get about 10-20 spam mails a day & that's irritating but my Microsoft Outlook probably blocks out more than that.

These spam mails are getting more incessant & creative by the day. It's making my Outlook working overtime to block them. The problem is, you can't filter out every single one of them. I've set my filter to the highest security level but those things still manage to squeeze through somehow.

There are the usual ones disguised as Greeting Cards. I'm sure you must have gotten them too, on a daily basis. When I first got them, I thought Wow. I must have a lot of friends. I can feel their love.

There were others. Suddenly I found myself winning millions of dollars in international lotteries that I didn't take part in. African lawyers wrote me letters seeking monetary assistance to gain access to inheritance worth millions of dollars & long lost strangers claimed to be my friends.

But by far, none of those spams could match these in terms of creative writing.

Monster in your pants is just superior literacy.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please Do It At Home

I never thought that the Japanese would have a behaviour problem in public places. I mean they're supposed to be one of the most politest example of human behaviour in the world. Heck, they're even polite when they're rude. But then again, I wouldn't know that much but Akatsukiotoko, a Malaysian student studying in Japan can probably tell you more.

These are the latest set of Japanese Metro Manners Posters which I found to be amusing. I don't know if they're applicable to Malaysians using the LRT in KL.

So far, thankfully, I think this hasn't happened in KL yet, unless you tell me otherwise.

Look at the old man on the right. I think he's a lewd Japanese voyeur.

This lookes like a drama.

For an old man, I think it's either he has very sensitive hearing or very limited musical taste.

Okay. I'm guilty of doing this when I was in Tokyo.

This is called looking for trouble.

I think this is more of a problem with the uncle on the right. I think he's anti-social.

Walau and Ngai Tee is all I have to say to this.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Short Post

Since the rain stopped for a bit today, I quickly stole half an hour to run. Am glad to report that I have finally regained my stamina back to the level before something like a couple of years ago. Did 3.2km non-stop. Did a moderate first round which took me 8 minutes & slowed down to a careful 2nd round at 9 minutes. Will need to work on leg muscles. Otherwise I look like a chicken with skinny legs running wild.

Am watching a Filipino movie on Astro. One of those melodramatic teen love stories between a poor guy & a rich girl. You know, like almost happen but didn't happen kind of story. It has got to be one of the longest running love story ever. It started when they were in high school. Now it's 5 years after graduation & they're still not together yet.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Unstoppable Flood in Kuching

I grew up in flood prone areas all my life; first at the government quarters at Batu Lintang, then later on at Swee Joo Park (somewhere behind the now 100% Discount Store).

Impervious to the calamity back then, flooding was a happy time. It was like Happy Hour. It meant not having to go to school & not feeling guilty about it cos the whole neighbourhood's not in school either. It also meant getting to play in the water. But later, as I grew into a young teen, it also meant responsibility to help clean up the mess when the water receded. That was supposed to suck, but it was still a fun thing to do.

It seemed like the world is losing control. Nothing's right anymore. I know rain is a blessing but this is an overdose.

This looked like my neighbourhood in my younger days.

And this really reminded me of how much cleaning that needs to be done in the aftermath.

By the way, this is not my house. It's mkl's. I think he won't be having a good day today.

I hope the sun will come out to play tomorrow, even for a little while, cos my wife needs to dry her keropok & my underwear needs to dry. I am now down to my last clean one.