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Monday, January 19, 2009

Short Post: Ting Pek Khing's Four Points Hotel

I went to my cousin's wedding dinner yesterday evening & it was held at the newly opened (& not so ready yet) Sheraton's Four Points hotel, owned & operated by everyone's Uncle Ting Pek Khing. And of course built by the man himself at lightning speed.

I didn't take any photos cos I didn't really want to bring my camera in case people mistaken me as working for Alvin Leong & God forbids, Jacky Studio! I was there to eat & to share in the joyous occasion with friends & family. Blogging can be work & I wanted a break that night.

I was expecting dishes forced with Mango like Mango Duck, Mango soup, Mango mixed vege, Mango dessert & Mango drink but there wasn't any single one of the mangoes from Uncle Ting's Ming Khiong Garden in sight. Whew.