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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have Seen the Future!

This is really mind-blowing.

(Not the Japanese dude, but the pens on the table)

I haven't come across anything as exciting as this since puberty.

It's as exciting as the day when pirated DVDs arrived & when Britney Spears exploded into the music scene.

Or when Bill Gates invented Windows & Steve Jobs, the Macintosh, or when the internet was born & it made you wonder why the heck were you still writing letters to your pen pals & mailing Christmas cards every year.

This is as revolutionary as The Matrix & Ghost in the Shell put together, plus Chairman Mao & the Gang of Four.

This is the future & it will change our lives. Personal computing will never be the same again.

This is really very extremely exciting in an orgasmic kind of way. Now, the next question is, is this for real, cos I just got this in the email today, & I can't verify it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drat! It's Those Subtitles Again!

My brother recommended this DVD to me. Usually I get very suspicious when the actors or the director or the production team are from Hong Kong. In recent years, Hong Kong commercial films have proven to be consistently bad. One very big case in point was Tsui Hark's epic story Seven Swords.

This one looked like another one of those Hong Kong made epics.

BUT... I found that it was quite well made...

until the subtitles came out.

And without warning, it struck. Green dragon woman without pubic hair.

I thought I must have read it wrongly & then, there it was again.

Who was this hairless woman? Was it this lady in distress from under attack?

There wasn't any exposure of those parts down south so I didn't think it was her.

Then came Maggie Q who played this Queen like character with lots of fur.

Could it be her? Could it be all that fur & animal hair were a cover up for her insecurities, her lack of pubic hair? Was she the green dragon?

Ok. Maybe not. It turns out that her title was HAN 2 DE 2... What?!

I really don't know why DVD pirates even bother to do the subtitles themselves in the first place.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ah Beng Goes Artsy Again

I met someone the other day. We were talking about art & he said to me (not exactly in these exact words), 'When someone asks to see your artwork, you do not hesitate. You show what you have, no matter how ugly you think they are, no matter how incomplete. If you're not ready now, you'll never be ready. And your artwork will stay in the store room.'

I think he made a lot of sense. So I dug up the other two of my old paintings, the only other ones that I've ever done & here they are (even though you're not asking to see them).