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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Art of Coca Cola

I know how some people would shudder at the mention of the word Coca Cola. To a lot of people, drinking Coke is like drinking sugar. And I do agree it leaves a funny taste in the mouth, in the teeth actually. It feels like if you don't wash it out, it'll eat its way into your root canal.

But whatever you think, you can't deny how amazing this brand has grown throughout the century. Coke today is no longer just a drink. It has become a lifestyle, an image that has grown beyond the confines of a commercial product.

Mona Cola

Today, it has a life of its own. Today, it has become an artform. Well actually, it has achieved that decades ago. There's this contemporary series called The Coke Side of Life which I found particularly interesting.

If you're about to puke from the over-excessive coke-art-in-your-face, hold it in. There's more at And it will never stop.

Watch this ad. It's a revelation!

I didn't know creatures like those exist and live inside a Coke machine. Wow. They're like illegal & exploited sweat shop workers.

Like this also can call art.

Wow. Like I thought it was really a real Coke machine in the middle of the street. It really fooled me. Like I almost wanted to put my coin in. NOT.