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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Korean Deadline

I've been trying to learn Korean for the past month & I'm telling you, it's not an easy task. Now I'm not one of those Korean serial drama junkies, although I do enjoy Korean movies. But I always marvel at how much blood & tears are shed in every Korean movie, which come out at the mere snap of the fingers. (Acting must really be dehydrating for Korean actors as well as lowering blood pressure) So the language doesn't come naturally to me.

I bought Korean for Dummies in Kuching a long while ago cos there weren't anything else that came in the form of audio lessons which would have been more effective. So I didn't really have a choice & now it's sitting there. I've since realised, & have made a conviction that the only real way to learn a new language fast would be through audio CDs. You can pop them in the car & practice it in the traffic jams. So I knew that the book wouldn't do.

So when I was over in KL, I bought this Pimsleur's audio CD set which came with 8 lessons. I've finished it since, but only to realise that I can only understand conversations that deal with hello, I'm from the US/Korea. Can/cannot speak Korean. Going to have a drink/lunch at my place/your place.

It felt more like the perfect lessons for a single guy trying to pick up a Korean chick. Now thinking back, it felt wrong. It really wasn't the right lessons for a married man.

I've bought my airtix & booked the hotels online. I've really got only about a week more to pick up something more useful. I can't even read Korean yet!