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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ah Beng Paints Again

I was on a painting streak the whole week. That explains why I've been very quiet.

But then again, I have been quiet with or without the painting. Heheheh.

I don't really know yet what to call this piece. Maybe The Dream. It's an 18"X18" but will become smaller once it's framed. I'm a bit worried that it'll crack at the sides once it bends backwards onto the wooden frame behind. And I know it will. Maybe I can paint over the cracks again. Oh well, I'll know by Monday. Will keep you posted on the latest development.

Uhh, somehow I get the feeling that my post is sounding like watching paint dry.

Friday, July 3, 2009

BLU: Animated Graffitti on the Wall

In Malaysia and other parts of the world, graffitti is limited to non-intelligible scribbles under school desks & behind toilet doors. They're usually made-up advertisements that sound something like For gay & sexy time, call 012-XXX XXXX or they're just plain offensive obscenities with a lack of focus.

Graffitti in Malaysia is definitely not an artform. It is definitely not art, & it definitely doesn't have form. But then, because of artists like BLU, there is hope for our directionless teen toilet scribblers of Malaysia to become a socially responsible citizen of Malaysia.

Maybe I'm putting too much hope on them. Maybe it's good enough if they can make good graffitti.
BLU is an Italian graffitti artist. That's as much information about him as I can dig up from Google. If anyone knows more, please, say something in the comment box below.
Aside from making normal static graffitti on walls of buildings, which you can find on his site here, he has moved on a hundred steps further. With animation, he has been able to make his graffitti cross the traditional 2D space to interact with 3D space.

This one is called MUTO.

You must agree with me. This is simply mindblowing. I feel like that guy. My head just cracked open & my brains just spilled out after watching this.

Letter A



Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson: The Passing of a Pop Icon

I could remember still a little Michael Jackson singing on Malaysian TV back in the 70s when TV was still transmitted in black & white. All my aunts thought that he was cute.

I wondered if they wanted babies that looked like him. Well, maybe not to that extent.

That little bugger could not only sing, he could dance as well. And he danced like nobody's business. When he did, he danced like a twister & he made James Brown proud.

Now compare that with the real master James Brown doing his original thing.

The 80s was a formidable time for me as I was transforming into a monstrous, hormone-charged, voice-breaking teen with bouts of teen angst. Music was one of my escapes from the cruel world which didn't understood me.

An then in 1983, the Grammy awards arrived on Malaysian TV. And that came with a slew of never-ending music videos which filled up my head & made me think I was an American. And Michael Jackson was cool at that time. The way he danced, he seemed like he could fly.

The way he sang was like no one else. Everyone sang words at that time. But he sang DAHH. DAHH. SCCHH-MO. And that red jacket. Everyone wanted one.

Despite all the controversies that surrounded him - the surgery, the transformation from black into white, bubbles, sleeping in oxygen chambers, his kids & also other people's kids, he has, is & will always be the indisputable King of Pop.

Although I was never a die-hard fan, I've always thought that his moves & ground-breaking music videos were the coolest. And it was difficult to see him slowly slipping away, when he started losing his marbles. I've always wondered if he could have made a come back, collaborated with some cool producer, or something. But now, I'll never know. However, I guess the trail he left behind was bigger than himself.

May he rest in peace & find his happiness in the real Never Never Land.