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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ah Beng is Back ... Again!

Hello People!

You guys never give up do you?

I thought that if I stopped writing, you'd slowly go away as the days go by. That was my evil plan. I was half-heartedly contemplating to stop this strenuous blogging activity which has been consistently sucking up my precious time like a bottomless black pit.

I was thinking if I stopped posting then people would stop dropping by, then there would REALLY be no reason for me to continue blogging - something like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But then as the days became weeks, & the weeks became one whole month, the numbers never really dropped. People like you still came by for reasons which I fail to understand. There has been nothing happening in this blog for a month already. Maybe you guys are the type who like to watch paint dry. Or maybe you guys are really the zen-jedi types, you know, the ones who think that nothing is something & something is nothing.

But guess what? You win. I lose. And I'm back again.

But this is not the first time though that I have abandoned my dear faithful followers. I did it before, and God forbids, I may just do it again. But then again, maybe you guys enjoy it in a sort of fetish way, like SM.

But this time, it may be different. This time I came up with a super-duper monster schedule that will allow me to update consistently.

So yes folks! Ah Beng is Back in the Blogging Business!

p/s I bet people like Abdullah, who has nothing better to do, will be laughing until his teeth drops out.