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Friday, September 11, 2009

BeatBoxing: A True Artistic Pursuit - EDITED

It's often difficult to explain to people what I do. Especially when I meet up with the old aunties & grandmas. The conversation usually starts well when I explain to them that I teach at a university. But it gets complicated when they start asking what I teach. The conversation usually goes like this:

Grandmas & Aunties: So what do you do?
Ah Beng: I teach at a university.
Grandmas & Aunties: Wahhh. So clever.
Ah Beng: Nolah. Pien Chiak only. (This is a very modest answer in which you belittle yourself by saying that you are only able to pull a fast one on the innocent students in order for you to make a living to have enough to eat & survive. In Western understanding, this is ghastly.)

And then, even before they do it, you'd already know what they're going to ask next.
Grandmas & Aunties: So what do you teach?
At this point, you know they're expecting to hear something like Engineering or Accountancy or even Electric Brain (computers in Chinese).
Ah Beng: Ummm, it's like Art. It's like using computers to make art.
Grandmas & Aunties: Hah???!!! What it that? Can make money meh?! Got job opportunity meh?!

And at this final point, you realised that the whole inquiry was actually driven by one thing - money.

In the western concept, money is the root of all evil. In my understanding, money is the root of all Chinese.

So I really don't know how these people explain themselves to their aunties and grandmas about what they do.

beatboxer BEEHIVE

beatboxer Sophia

beatboxer Daichi from Japan

beatboxer Heartgrey from Hong Kong

Now I have a confession to make. I used to do a lot of beatboxing myself ... and other strange sound effects & voices. I thought I was making great music but my mom calls them noises. And now when I think back, I finally understood why I didn't have girlfriends until much later in life.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

District B13

This is another one of those things that continually remind me of how behind I am of the what's hot & what's not. This is worrying. Everything points to a single dot. I am getting old, and uncool. I am entering the arena of the uncles.

District B13 is one of the coolest physical action movies ever made in the history of filmmaking, parallel only to Ong Bak. It celebrates Parkour & the superhuman feats that mere mortals like us can hope to achieve, by pushing our physical bodies to their limits.

Wait a minute. That sounded like the Olympics.

Anyway, I only came to know about this movie when my aggressive neighbourhood DVD peddler introduced it to my face. A quick check on YouTube confirmed that it'd be an awesome movie.

Watch this chase scene & tell me if Jackie Chan is still your hero or you're changing your fan club.

Wow. Anybody knows anyone teaching this thing? It sure makes Xtreme sports like rock climbing look like sports for sloths.