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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Masahiro Motoki Once Upon a Time

This is not a gay post. It is a perfectly straight one. But gays may enjoy it more than non-gays.

When I first saw Masahiro Motoki in Departures, I knew I had seen him from somewhere before, a long long time ago, a forgotten face. I am more of a visual person in that sense. I usually forget names but I remember faces. And so I remembered seeing this face like I remember the few faces from my kindy years.

If you are of the fairer gender, you will probably agree with me that this guy is hunky bunky.

But unbeknownst to his more recent fans, he had a dark past. Or maybe I should say a bright pastel-coloured past.

Once upon a time, in the era of 80s bubblegum pop, he was a victim of mismanaged fashion.

If you thought that was bad, believe me, it gets worst.

Captains of the Macross ship.

I cannot even comprehend what this concept was about.
Form 5 boys hanging out in the neighbourhood 
after school instead of doing homework, 
with hands playing marbles in their pockets .

Very fortunately, against all odds above, Masahiro went on to build a successful career as an actor after he left the group. I can understand why he left. I would do the same too if the recording company keeps dressing me up funny.

At his age now of 45, he has definitely achieved a level of maturity in his acting. And he rightly deserves the Best Performance title at the 2009 Asia Pacific Screen Awards. I have to say it, I am now a fan. Of his acting.


Alex said...

Great one Greg!
Accept they ALL look the same and which one excatly is HE, in the three?!? You can tell I have the "all asians look alike" set of eyes!

Mom with a Mac said...

suppose to be me, sarah!

Greg Wee said...

Alex: Pic 1:Left, Pic 2:Right, Pic 3:Right

Sarah: ???

Abdullah said...

This anonymous dude is really annoying isn't he? He just can't stop putting all this crap on our blogs.. same style..mine is usually in chinese.. different pen name.. does all these stupid quotes and shit...

damn it really gets to me..

Oh, and Greg... Methinks you may have a bit of man-crush thing going on..hehehe...

Greg Wee said...

Bleaaarghh slop slop slop. I just puked on the floor.

supadupa said...

Departures.. Quite a good movie. I watched it last year and it has opened up my eyes to other unpopular professions out there of how equally important they are as other jobs.

Greg Wee said...

Yes supadupa. I think the movie just humbles us.

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