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Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Encounter with Taipei Girls Down in the MRT

I knew with a title like that, you'd pop by really quick.

I haven't been posting for quite some time now but on the contrary I have a lot of things to write about. Quite a lot of things have been happening lately which has been taking up most of my time. Don't worry, they're all good things, exciting things which I hope to share with you in due time.

I managed a trip to Taipei, my first ever trip to Taiwan, during the Chinese New Year in February. I know that was about 4 months ago, which means the more reason for me to put this post up as quick as I can, before it starts to grow fungus & giant mushrooms.

Taiwanese girls have always been well known for their porcelain beauty. They have a fragile quality about them which makes you want to handle them with extreme care otherwise they'd break down into millions of pieces right in front of you. 

And so the trend, once upon a time, was that Malaysian guys would bring back Taiwanese wives upon returning from their studies there. That happened back in the 70s, when the playing field was still leveled. Malaysia was as good as any Singaporean, Taiwanese or South Korean country back then. But I think a lot has changed since then. Although increasingly more beautiful, Taiwanese women have long  elevated into the culture of materialism.

I came across this exhibition in the most unexpected place. It wasn't in a posh gallery or musem but it was in the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall MRT station.

Now I don't read mandarin so I can't tell you who the artist is but if you can read it, please share with us.

I think this artist has been around since the 80s. His rendering of beautiful women often appeared as bookmarks which were sold in the mom & pop bookstores.

But I never knew who he or she was, or what became of him or her. So it was quite a nice surprise to rediscover this artist again.

This series of paintings portray the legendary female figures from the different dynasties in Chinese history.

Each one of these women were influential in their own era, some were powerful like tyrants, others had more tragic endings. 

Some were representations of pure wisdom, love & support. Others were destructive forces like tornadoes.

These were probably women which you couldn't live with & some without. Hmm, this is beginning to sound strangely familiar.

I wonder if this collection was meant to be a profiling of Chinese women in general.

In more practical terms, this looks like a wives catalogue for the single guys out there. Just point & choose - I like, I want.


Abdullah said...

Whoah... I want... I want!

Mom with a Mac said...

ARE these pic really painted? Wow! Amazing work. So real and surreal at the same time..

Johnny Ong said...

the projected image of those girls in the painting are so beautiful

Anonymous said...

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